Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sound Of Silence

Has anyone noticed how QUIET it seems to have become around here? A tiresome noise that has become part of our environment has faded away leaving an eerie hush.

I refer of course to the dreary droning of our rogue Community Board member Nobble-Angelo. What can have become of him? It is now almost three weeks since he spoke out in the letters page or on his unpleasant Blog. Check it out. Last posting March the 5th. And that was dutifully reprinted in the Gulf News the same week. Then we got a posting on his bizarre ‘Lowerdeck’ blog a few days later gloating over the demise of the Weak Link.

But since then, nothing. It’s very strange. When was the last time we went three whole weeks with no pompous rant from the lad? I checked the Marketplace yesterday and found nothing. Perhaps that’s no surprise. George is presumably still in the dog-box for daring to print an opposing view without clearing it with the great man himself first. Surely the Gulf News must have something this week? Let’s see what’s on the letters page….Cleanstream, Cleanstream, Esplanade, boring rant about ciggies…..Ah! Here we go! ‘Hob Nobbing’! This must be….Oh. Sorry, false alarm. It’s just a dull droning from some pinko about the Honours System.

What is going on? What has happened to Nobble-Angelo? Has he gone on holiday? It can’t have been ‘The Rapture’. That would have been in the news. And besides, Cliff Richard’s website says he’s still around so that can’t be it. Maybe he took Graham Hooper’s excellent advice and moved to TC/DC?

Or is it simply that following his catastrophic blundering on Waiheke Radio three weeks ago the peevish politician has done the sensible thing and taken that silly sticking plaster off his nose and placed it where we all know it truly belongs.

Over his mouth.

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  1. It took until 14 December for Nobble to find this blog.